Jennifer Anderson

Some glimpses into the instruments that I have designed and created.

Augmented Harp

Created instrument that is based on a found object that was discovered by my collaborative partner, Shane Davis. The object was a decorative table leg that was discovered in an alley, and looked like part of a harp. The augmented harp is based off of that design, and is constructed out of Black Walnut and the strings are piano wire.

Augmented Japanese Koto

Created instrument that is based on the Japanese Koto. The Koto is an instrument that is used in traditional Japanese music going back to the 17th century. It has thirteen moveable bridges, and can be used this picks and with the fore, middle, and index fingers on either hand. The built instrument's size is slightly smaller than the actual instrument, about six-inches shorter than the normal six-feet. The wood that it is constructed from is Purple Heart, the bridges are made from Bocote, and the strings are a synthetic silk.