Jennifer Anderson

Solo and collaborative performances that I have been in thus far. Some of these performances contain instruments that I have designed and built either of my own design, or from an existing instrument.

De-tuned Gesture

Exploration into gestural control and extended processing techniques with the GameTrak controller and augmented harp. 

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Puppet Play

Collaborative performance with dance (Diane Ishak), guitar (Loren Benally), and augmented harp (Jennifer Anderson). 

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Ratsuptin II

Interspecies collaborative performance. Andrew Sanchez on bass and electronics, and Jennifer Anderson on augmented Japanese Koto.

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Sounds of Nature

Collaborative performance with Justin Lentine-Maenner on violin and live electronics, and Jennifer Anderson on cello and live electronics. 

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Glacier Mimicry

Collaborative performance with two built, augmented harps, and microphone gloves. 

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3